Business Park

Project Specs

  • Property Type: Commercial
  • Location: Kingwood, NJ
  • Project Size: 70,000+ square feet
  • Our Role: Design/Building construction/Interior Fit-Out
  • Architecture Firm: John Haeberle, Mendham, NJ
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Multi-Building Commercial Construction

The Route 12 Business Park consisted of seven buildings and a fire suppression water tank. Hance Construction was chosen to perform the design work (structural, mechanical and architectural). While the large project required a lot of work, the challenge on this construction site was what was happening below the building.

Poor soil conditions led Hance to use innovative construction solutions tailored to site challenges.

Phase 1 of this project required the foundation and concrete for the water tank, and construction of a Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) sewer plant and tertiary water treatment building. It also included a 70,000 SF pre-engineered building with 20,000 SF of mezzanine, with up to 24 flex-space units. Phase II included two more pre-engineered flex buildings and two self-storage units.

Due to the poor soil conditions, Hance implemented innovative techniques, including:

  • Using “lean concrete,” a more liquid fill with less cement, but greater load-bearing capabilities than soil. This allowed for safe, cost-effective foundation construction to depths of 14 feet.
  • Installation of an RBC sewer plant (referenced above) built by SeproTech. As opposed to a conventional septic system, this system is a fiber-glass, corrosion-resistant system. That was coupled with a tertiary building that recycles wastewater to be used for irrigation and other non-potable uses.