Art's Story


Since 2000, Art Hance has been the Owner & President of Hance Construction. Operating as a problem-solver, Art has built his business on tailored construction solutions and innovative approaches. Over 30 years of experience in construction and design allow him to navigate through even the most complex of projects. But beyond his own business, Art is a well-known thought leader in the metal building industry.

Art’s interest in practical sustainability led him to be co-founder and sponsor of Green-by-Design, a workshop series for architects and engineers that began in 2004 to offer American Institute of Architects (AIA) students credit for participation in a variety of sustainable building practices. Art also co-authored a continuing education symposium for architects and engineers specifically on the sustainable design of pre-engineered buildings.

As a longtime partner of the MBCEA (Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association) and its education affiliate, the Metal Buildings Institute, Art has helped to shape the metal building industry. He was influential in helping form the first federally-recognized apprenticeship program in the country devoted exclusively to the metal building industry. Art is a current MBCEA National Vice President & Board Member and served as President of the MBCEA Mid-Atlantic Chapter for two years.

Art believes that ensuring quality construction requires proactive investigation of emerging construction technologies and industry trends. His insights have been featured in the New England Real Estate Journal and Design and Build with Metal. He continues to further his involvement within the industry and utilize the latest building practices to provide his clients with construction services tailored to their unique needs.