Hance Construction Projects


Business Park

Commercial by Hance Construction

The Route 12 Business Park consisted of seven buildings and a fire suppression water tank. Hance Construction was chosen to perform the design work (structural, mechanical and architectural).

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Luxury Family Compound

Residential by Hance Construction

Hance Construction was chosen to manage the construction of a family compound in an exclusive shore community.

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Bavarian Chalet

Residential by Hance Construction

The home owner wanted an authentic Bavarian Chalet reminiscent of his childhood home, so he came to Hance Construction for complete construction management.

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Crystal Springs Family Aquatic Center

Recreational by Hance Construction

This project was designed to house Member Services, Staff Accommodations, First Aid, Locker Rooms and a Full Service Food Concession Facility at a family water park.

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Station Road Recreation Complex

Recreational by Hance Construction

The Sparta Police Athletic League has found a new home in what was once an abandoned industrial building and historic train station near Station Park.

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NY Giants Practice Facility

Recreational by Hance Construction

Hance Construction was chosen to manage the design, fabrication and steel erection of the NY Giants practice facility as part of a larger $1.4 billon NFL Football Stadium renovation project for Meadowlands Sports Complex.

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Hudson Farms

Recreational by Hance Construction

As a private hunting club located on an exclusive 3,000-acre estate, environmental responsibility was particularly important to Hudson Farms. However, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness were also a concern, so they called Hance Construction to provide practical sustainability solutions.

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Refrigerated Warehouse

Industrial by Hance Construction

Our client moves more than 750,000 lbs. of fresh produce through their doors every day, so we needed to manage the building schedule of their new refrigerated warehouse to minimize financial and operational interruptions.

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Mountain Retreat

Residential by Hance Construction

Nestled in the Sourland Mountains of Central New Jersey, the homeowner came to Hance wanting a contemporary ranch on a mountainous, heavily wooded site.

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Rail Tanker Wash Facility

Industrial by Hance Construction

With a project as logistically challenging and unique as this one, Hance Construction’s ability to provide design/build services was key.

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Gerdau Ameristeel

Industrial by Hance Construction

Gerdau Ameristeel is a mini-mill that melts scrap steel into billets and turns those billets into rod configurations for re-bar. The project consisted of three buildings.

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Techflex Warehouse and Office

Industrial by Hance Construction

Techflex had an old warehouse and office with a leaky roof. The owner had worked with Hance Construction before, and came to us with a desire to eliminate ponding water without paying roof removal and disposal costs, in addition to a complete renovation and re-construction of the 50,000 square foot facility.

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NJ Airport Hanger

Industrial by Hance Construction

Everyone can understand why an airport hangar needs an extremely wide clear span. After all, it’s not easy to park airplanes between the typical 60-80-foot support posts. But it can be a little harder to understand the level of expertise required to build something like this safely. In this case, it required a near-tragic event to bring it into focus.

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Paul Miller BMW

Commercial by Hance Construction

Our third project with the Paul Miller Auto Group, this design for Paul Miller BMW called for three Butler pre-Engineered steel buildings to be connected to a proposed conventionally framed structure, providing automotive service entry, a detailing wash bay, and a main service building.

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John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Commercial by Hance Construction

Hance Construction was asked to lend its construction expertise at one of Wiley’s busy distribution centers, built in the 1960’s. The company was first tasked with renovating the conventional structure to better meet the publisher’s needs. An oversized and underused commercial kitchen was removed and replaced with a lunchroom/café/vending area.

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Hudson Chrysler Auto Repair Shop

Commercial by Hance Construction

This design for Hudson Chrysler Repair Shop presented a number of challenges, including pile foundations with columns mounted directly to the grade beams spanning between pile caps as well as accommodating numerous overhead doors with limited clearance between building frames.

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Exoticars USA

Commercial by Hance Construction

Sports car owners from as far away as Kansas City, Missouri have been bringing their Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis to Hunterdon County’s Exoticars USA for service and restoration for over 30 years.

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NYSCO Products

Industrial by Hance Construction

This project for NYSCO Products, LLC married E-Shadowall panels for the bulk of the building design with 4" textured Thermawall panels on the office section for added dimension.

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Steel Residential House

Residential by Hance Construction

Every new idea looks crazy at first glance. And some people fail to look past that. Hance Construction is always taking on “crazy projects,” but we don’t really see them that way. We know that those unique ideas just call for a little out-of-the-box thinking and some nerves of steel!

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