Practical Sustainability


There are many reasons for choosing to build a “green” or “sustainable” building—from the savings provided by its enhanced energy efficiency to the personal satisfaction that comes from being environmentally responsible. Whatever your motivation, Hance Construction can provide a practical solution.

It’s not all about achieving the green designation. Many companies can boast an environmentally-friendly product, but it comes at a price of low quality performance. Hance tailors construction to practical sustainability by focusing on building design and approach up front, saving you maintenance and energy costs later.

Our ability to offer Butler® steel buildings not only makes sustainable building possible, but practical and affordable. Butler combines the inherent green benefits of steel with the company’s own green systems and practices:

  • eWall Systems
  • SunLite Strip™ Daylighting System
  • ThermaLiner™ Metal Roof Insulation
  • Cool Roof Technologies
  • Hot Box Testing

Misconceptions About Today's Metal Buildings and Building Green

When you say ‘metal building’, many still think of Quonset huts, the pre-fabricated steel buildings that most people associate with World War II era army barracks. Even those who are familiar with metal buildings still picture large gray warehouses that waste energy faster than you can blink. But modern techniques, materials and laboratory testing ensure that today’s metal buildings are every bit as attractive and energy-efficient as their conventional counterparts.

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