Safety is an inherent part of our approach to tailored construction services. We ensure safety on a daily basis and in every project by completing pre-work planning and hiring subcontractors with an excellent safety program and record of performance.

Our contractors go through extensive OSHA training so that they can identify and minimize on site hazards. When necessary, we reach out to other experts in the field for additional support and guidance on projects with a higher safety risk.

By tailoring our construction approach to safety on every project, we're able to protect the well-being of both workers and clients, while getting the work done on time and on budget.

Safety Focus: NJ Airport Hangar

It takes an incredible amount of safety planning to build an airport hangar with a 265 clear span. This project had an additional set of logistical challenges, with only 15 feet of space on three sides of the site and taxiing planes on the fourth side. Learn how we met this challenge, and safely erected this hangar.

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Safety Focus: NY Giants Practice Facility

A massive-scale, high-risk project like this requires a plan and approach tailored to safety. Learn about the procedures and methods we implemented on this 95 foot high facility.

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Safety Award: No Lost Time Injuries or Illnesses in 2017

Letter of Award
Hance Construction received a Certificate of Achievement from the State of New Jersey's Department of Labor and Workforce Development for meeting our goal of preventing of occupational injuries during 2017.