Project Manager


The Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the successful completion of multiple projects within the organization to the satisfaction of our clients. He or she will assist in providing the estimate, and direct, manage and lead the team to effectively deliver the assigned project. He or she will understand all client needs regarding the service provided; manage and coordinate all activities associated with the procurement of goods, installation and implementation of the project; coordinate and communicate the scheduling of the client’s requirements; maintain control through the Job Superintendent of all issues arising during the project, including situation analysis, communication, mitigation, contingency planning, escalations, follow-up and closure. Once the project starts the Project Manager is the primary point of contact for the owner. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Organize the members of the project team (supervisory, clerical, engineering, cost control and others) at the start of the project.  
  • Upon award of contract, confirm scope and perform timely buy out of all project material; labor and sub-contracts.
  • Read and understand project drawings and specifications; perform detailed estimates including quantity takeoffs, unit cost extensions, generate subcontractor bid interest; manage distribution of bid documents and coordinate timely receipt of pricing and final estimate tabulation; ravel to job sites as required by project conditions.
  • Provide data for the timely generation of all sub-contract documents including schedule of values, payment terms, insurance certificates, safety documentation and monthly billing requisitions.
  • Assist in permit applications and interaction with utility providers.
  • Manage project activities with Project Superintendent.
  • Manage and integrate activities across multiple functional lines.  Become familiar with the operations of each function and maintain a working knowledge of the product and services provided to the client.
  • Evaluate specifications, starting and completing times and staffing requirements for each phase of construction.  Manage project timeline to keep on track with each phase of construction.  
  • Oversee the project superintendent’s procurement of tools, equipment and materials to be delivered at specified times to conform to work schedules.  
  • Direct supervisory personnel and sub-contractors engaged in planning and executing work procedures, interpreting specifications and coordinating various phases of construction to prevent delays.  
  • Oversee supervisory personnel, subs and labor representatives to resolve complaints and grievances within the workforce.  
  • Manage supervisory and engineering personnel, inspectors and suppliers to resolve construction problems and improve construction methods.  
  • Inspect work in progress to ensure workmanship conforms to specifications and the adherence to construction schedules.  
  • Track and manage work in process, change orders, authorizations and maintain the highest standards for the client.
  • Monitor cost performance and adjust work schedule as indicated by reports.
  • Prepare or review reports on progress, material used and costs; adjust work schedules as indicated by reports. 
  • Act as public spokesperson interfacing with concerned public and regulatory officials.  
  • Assure that construction activities comply with federal, state and local environmental rules and regulations. 
  • Bring project to closure, analyze end dates, assess opportunities and report progress against baseline.
  • Assists in sales presentations and contract negotiations.

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