Why You Should Put Solar Panels on Your Metal Roof

Going solar with a metal roof could prove to be the most optimal situation for your solar power system. Meaning, your initial investment performs better than you could have ever imagined. Metal roofs are said to be the best type of roof for solar panel installation due to lifespan and durability of the roof, the ease of installation, and lastly structural and environmental/energy benefits.

Lifespan & Durability:

Metal roofs are light and durable which is why many homes and businesses leverage it as an option for their space. Before installing solar panels be sure to understand the remaining life expectancy of your metal roof. Most metal roofs can outlast solar power systems by two times. The typical lifespan of solar power systems is averaged at 25-30 years and a typical lifespan of a metal roof is averaged at over 60 years.

Not to mention, metal roofs offer the durability typical roofing products can’t. It is less likely that your space will develop a roof leak when you have a metal roof. Damaged roofs require the expense in repair as well as the added expense that comes with removing and reinstalling the solar panels. In addition to those out-of-pocket expenses, there is the additional (soft) expense or loss that is due to the number of days power wasn’t able to be stored for use.

Ease of Installation:

When it comes to installing solar panels on your roof, typically, an installer will drill holes into the roof so that they can attach the mounting for the solar panels. This is a serious cause for concern as improperly mounted systems can cause a leak and other roofing issues. For this reason, a standing seam metal roof is the best situation for installation because your installer can use a mounting clamp system that doesn’t put holes into your roof. As an added bonus, this can speed up installation times (and lower your labor costs) because your installer won’t have to drill any holes into the roof.

One caveat is a corrugated metal roof, this system might require some holes to be drilled. However, there are unique solutions for installation with this roofing type. It just means that waterproofing should be an important discussion point with your installer.

S-5! Clamps on MR24 Standing Seam Roof

Additional Benefits:

There are additional benefits to a metal roof and solar panel duo for your home or office:

  • Structure Support: With a metal roof, there isn’t as much work needed to strengthen the building in order to support the additional load of the solar panels. That does not mean that reinforcement isn’t needed at all, just that it likely isn’t as intense as what an asphalt roof would require. However, roofing (both on conventional and metal) must always have the proper fastening so it can be reinforced with solar in mind.
  • Energy Efficiency: They whole point of solar panels is energy efficiency, right? Good news, the combination of solar panels with a metal roof actually can increase the cooling benefits of your metal roof. Metal roofs reflect more sunlight than traditional shingles do and some metal roofs even come coated with reflective paint to help keep your space cool. Installing solar panels on metal roofs with this paint coating helps to lower the energy needed to regulate indoor temperatures. As a result, the combination of metal roofs and solar panels can result in higher levels of energy efficiency and savings. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: Metal roofs and solar panels are the two best ways to make your space eco-friendly. Installing a cool metal roof can help earn points through programs like LEED and ENERGY STAR. Both programs also encourage solar power systems as viable options for environmental impact. Not to mention, metal roofs are manufactured from recycled materials and, both metal roofs and solar panels are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Pairing a metal roof with a solar power solution will help promote environmental sustainability as you contribute to increased utilization of recycled materials which ultimately lowers pollution.
  • Performance in Extreme Weather: Unlike other types of roofing, metal roofs perform exceptionally well in high-winds. Solar panels in high-wind areas should be fastened securely using brackets. The correct way to secure solar panels using brackets is to fix it through the highest point in the metal roofing. Such an arrangement ensures that the metal roof anchors the solar panels securely to gain maximum benefit from the metal roof’s resilience to high-winds.

Install Solar Panels the Right Way - with Hance Construction

As metal roofs and solar panels both become increasingly popular, installers and roofers will know more about pairing them. Until the knowledge is universal, look for someone who is an expert. Hance Construction has experience with metal roofs AND solar installation.

And if a contractor tells you that solar panels can’t or shouldn’t be installed without impacting the integrity of the roof, talk to a different contractor. It can be done and it can be better than you ever imagined with Hance Construction.