Hudson Chrysler Auto Repair Shop

Project Specs

  • Property Type: Auto Service Facility
  • Location: Jersey City, NJ
  • Project Size: 6,725 square feet
  • Our Role: Butler Pre-Engineered Steel Design & Erection
  • Butler Products: E-Shadowall™ Panel Wall System, Butler MR-24™ Roof System
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Auto Servicing Commercial Construction

This design for Hudson Chrysler Repair Shop presented a number of challenges, including pile foundations with columns mounted directly to the grade beams spanning between pile caps as well as accommodating numerous overhead doors with limited clearance between building frames.

Coordinating the design to eliminate the girt and many of the purlin braces allowed the door tracks to run close to the frames and up be-tween rafters providing clearance for sprinkler pipes.

The owner was also very concerned about sharp edges on trim around overhead door openings and man doors. Mock ups of the trims were constructed for review and approval by the owner. Once approved, the trims were custom fabricated.

With foundation and clearance challenges, Hance tailored construction to meet our client’s need for maximum utilization of space. 

Butler’s E-Shadowall™ with R-19 insulation, combined with the R-28 value of the MR-24™ roof system, ensures continuous future energy savings for the client.

This project also incorporated a mechanical room, framed using light gauge studs and sheeted to match the larger structure.