NY Giants Practice Facility

Project Specs

  • Property Type: Professional Sports Indoor Practice Facility
  • Location: Secaucus, NJ
  • Project Size: 407′ X 214′ X 95′
  • Our Role: Pre-Engineered Steel Design & Erection
  • Butler Products: Widespan™ Structural System; SkyWeb Fall Protection and Insulation Support
  • Architecture Firm: Ewing Cole, Philadelphia, PA

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Indoor Sports Complex Construction

Hance Construction was chosen to manage the design, fabrication and steel erection of the NY Giants practice facility as part of a larger $1.4 billon NFL Football Stadium renovation project for Meadowlands Sports Complex. The new indoor training facility for the 2008 Super Bowl Champions took shape with the help of Butler Manufacturing. The one story facility measured more than 87,000 square feet and 95 feet high at its peak.

A massive-scale, high-risk project like this requires a plan and approach tailored to safety.

Budget and project timeline were also a concern, but safety on this site was paramount. Hance Construction was able to ensure safety with thoughtful planning, an innovative approach and strict implementation of safety procedures and methods. This included:

  • Assembling the two 65,000 pound modular units on the ground first, then carefully lifting and placing them together by two cranes in a dual lift. This allowed workers to do most of the assembly ten feet from the ground rather than 100 feet.
  • Performing research into the leading causes of crane accidents and working with a structural engineer to provide second confirmation of our planned lift. It required 470,000 pounds of counterweights to ensure stability of the cranes.
  • Requiring that workers wear safety harnesses tethered to safety cables at all times. The cables were pre-strung while the modular units were still on the ground to eliminate work needing done in the air.
  • Using Butler SkyWeb, an insulation-retaining system that further acts as a safety net to protect workers from leading edge falls.
  • Obtaining Federal Aviation Administration clearance to ensure that crane construction did not interfere with airport traffic.