Steel Residential House

Project Specs

  • Property Type: Residential
  • Location: North Haven, NY
  • Our Role: Design/Builder
  • Butler Products: Butler structural system

Residential Construction

Every new idea looks crazy at first glance. And some people fail to look past that. Hance Construction is always taking on “crazy projects,” but we don’t really see them that way. We know that those unique ideas just call for a little out-of-the-box thinking and some nerves of steel!

North Haven, NY is a high-end, residential community in the Hamptons with a particular set of aesthetic requirement codes. Wanting to build a home with a modern, industrial flair and superior efficiency, our soon-to-be clients enlisted the help of Larson and Paul Architects. They envisioned the right combination of materials, defined the direction and recruited the perfect team of experts to make the idea come to life. Larson and Paul contacted ATAS International, recognizing that a metal roof was the ideal choice, and the ATAS representative knew just the Butler Builder® “crazy enough” to take on the job.

A unique, industrial, metal meets wood design and energy efficient requirements called for a tailored hybrid building solution.

Hance Construction operated as the design/builder for the steel house’s structural system. We worked closely with Larson and Paul to create a plan that would provide an open, airy space with industrial components and that would be both cost and energy efficient. In order to achieve that distinctive appearance, we couldn’t use just one pre-engineered system. It was clear that this unique project called for the adaptability of a true hybrid building system. Butler’s structural system provided the perfect framework and aesthetics for this residential home. Our comprehensive tailored construction services for this project included:

  • Designing a Butler structural system that combined mill shape steel, three plate frames and cold rolled secondary members as a substrate for the structural insulated panels (SIPs).
  • Installing tongue and groove pine planks over the roof purlins to create a striking interior finish of wood meets metal.
  • Inserted SIPs with eight-inch thick insulation on the roof and walls of the home, over top of the Butler frame, for ultimate thermal efficiency.
  • Put up an ATAS Dutch Standing Seam Roof on the main steel house and reroofed another building on the property.

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones you have the courage to imagine. In this case, Hance Construction and Larson and Paul Architects were able to think outside of the limits, while staying within the community’s regulations, and utilize a Butler hybrid building solution to create this one-of-a-kind home. Not only did our hybrid solution fit the client’s design sensibilities, but it created a strong, highly efficient building worthy of its $6 million dollar price tag! And while other builders might have shied away from this seemingly crazy project, this is just the kind of challenge the team at Hance Construction lives for.

Hance received the MBCEA 2015 Building of the Year for this project.